Emanuele Luzzati

The illustrations from Bocaccio's Decameron, that I am proposing here, belong to an illustrator who has little to do with erotic images (and web sites): Emanuele Luzzati.
Ceramist, sculptur, scenographer of great fame, creator of wonderful cartoon films, Emanuele Luzzati has always been able to infuse into everything he creates his extraordinary joy of life.
He has being playing along all his carreer very naturally with all kinds of materials, and his childish playfullness communicates immediately with readers and spectators of every age.
Emanuele Luzzati died in January 2007.
Would you ever have imagined that these episods of "Decamerone" by Boccaccio could be represented with such joyful and ironic naïvety?

As for texts, we, the Italians, have the undeserved luckiness of being able to read a novel of 700 years ago and understand most of them... However, I hope to be able to provide a translation soon.

These images are borrowed from Decamerone, illustrazioni di Emanuele Luzzati, Edizioni Nuages

You may see by Emanuele Luzzati also the old Story of Guz, the chaluz donkey


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Masetto da Lamporecchio si fa mutolo e diviene ortolano in un munistero di donne, le quali tutte concorrono a giacersi con lui. Masetto da Lamporecchio
Frate Alberto Frate Alberto dà a vedere ad una donna, che l'agnolo gabriello è di lei innamorato, in forma del quale più volte si giace con lei...
Donno Giovanni ad instanzia di compar Pietro fa lo 'ncantesimo per far diventar la moglie una cavalla, e quando viene ad appicar la coda, compar Pietro, dicendo che non vi voleva coda, guasta tutto lo 'ncantamento. Donno Giovanni

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