Twenty-five years of erotic drawings

Yes, this site began in 1995. And, well, all these years are a lot in the web.
It began as a joke, played by a person that I would prefer to forget :-(and that still owns my domain).
I remember that the website was hosted in the home of a friend. There were only a few pages, in Italian.
You cannoy imagine my surprise, in June 1995, when, looking at the logs files, I found that there was somebody AT EVERY HOUR visiting it!
Then I left for holidays. When I came back I opened a famous Italian weekly magazine ("Panorama") and I found out that it talked about me, also publishing an image! You cannot imagine my emotion: the audience grew abruptily, and visitors began to arrive also from America.
So I made the English version (and, believe me, my English was even worse then). Progressively, the number of featured authors and drawings augmented.
I must confess that managing all these exciting drawings involved me even more than I had wanted, specially in some moments...
During the first years, I used to receive two or three e-mail messages from the visitors at every week. They were writing to encourage me, sometimes even to criticize (some comments were... quite personal, and made me blush for embarassment).
Users of WWW were only a small portion of the audience of today. Everybody liked not only to surf the websites, but also to contribute, to criticize, to discuss, to exchange.
How much has the mentality changed from then! My visitors raised to 2000 per day approximately (today are about 400), but only two or three in a year bother to send comments or compliments any more.
I had the honour of advertising an exceptional product: a CD-ROM about pornography of the past (no copy available any more, sorry).

I would like to be able to draw erotic girls like the ones by Klimt or by Herouard. However, who knows, there are perhaps also different ways for representing a seducent woman...

Unfortunately, I have no time any more to enlarge or improve the site, but I am always happy to receive and exchange comments.
Don't expect a well structured website: my hope is that you will get lost inside it, like in a labirinth...

If you like erotica art, don't miss some sites:

Sorry, this is just that silly girl, my friend Alula who has nothing to do here but comes from time to time just to tease me.

Write to me to tell me what you liked, what you did NOT like, what you would like to see, how you got here, to send me drawings (maybe YOUR drawings...). However, please don't attach unexpected files of hundreds KB.

to-iris (at) eroticadrawings (dot) com

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