Erotic drawings of these last 50 years

Pablo Picasso, La CÚlestine
(print Editions de l'Atelier Crommeliynck, Paris, January 1971)

Fred Iltis, photographer - South and North of the Border (no erotic stuff there).
A very exciting true story, which took place in a library, and that Pamella told me after seeing a drawing here! In the library
Klossowski A great master of erotic literature: Pierre Klossowski.

The almost unpityful eroticism of a reader of my site: Harry Weisburd
Harry Weisburd
Sophi My interview with Carolyn, or Sophi, the famous New York erotic artist
Sardax, Kofton, Peke 3 contemporary
Emanuele Luzzati
The incredibely joyful illustrations for Giovanni Boccaccio's Decameron

A new, fantastic, contemporary Nippo-Italian artist: Yoshi Nagasaka
Yoshi Nagasaka!
Erotism in comics

More ancient stuff

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